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“The Family is the most untapped resource on the planet to fulfill the great commission and cause societal change.” – David Robbins

Strong marriages build strong families who impact communities that change the world.  We would love to help you strengthen the marriages and families where you live.

Attendees can expect to be:

  • directed to a biblical view of marriage and family
  • offered both perspectives of a husband and wife team
  • encouraged through our personal, authentic and relatable stories
  • provided engaging projects designed for immediate application

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“The weekend was a good reminder that just because we are on a safe path doesn’t mean I can avoid the responsibilities to my spouse and the Lord.”

“I feel like I have a great marriage but I have been challenged to not be complacent and make it better.”

“I never thought I would do one of these and it was very eye-opening.  I need to look at what I can do to help vs. what my wife can do to change. “

“I have been amazed to realize how much my selfishness has impacted so many areas of my marriage and I am so excited to seek God’s help to change.”

“Circumstances may not change but God can change our understanding.”

“We had decided not to attend the retreat and I had scheduled an appointment with an attorney on Monday at 930am.  We had a lot of people praying for us and we decided at the last minute to reconsider coming.  This retreat was amazing!  I have learned that I am selfish and need to first have a relationship with Christ.  I can’t thank you enough for saving our marriage.”

I really love my husband and I needed this weekend to remind me of that.  I also needed the reminder to put Christ as the center of our relationship.”

“This retreat has saved our marriage!  My wife and I were on separate paths towards separation and divorce.  However, all the prayers that have been raised by countless people have  helped God change our hearts to become one again.  This time it is forever!”

“Every relationship has an instruction manual.  Always refer back to it.  Every relationship takes maintenance.”

Utilizing custom retreat materials Tanya created, Trevor and Tanya presented to 22 individuals the principles of a Christ centered marriage. The sessions focus on expectations, needs, roles and the next chapter. Saturday AM the gospel presentation resulted in two souls being prompted by the Holy Spirit to pray to receive Jesus as Lord and Savior. Ten other participants prayed to recommit their marriages and families to Christ. These 11 couples will return to a small congregation and the leadership is planning to start the Art of Marriage small groups in homes around Jackson, WI. – Green Lake, WI -Authored Marriage Retreat

My wife, Shelley, and I met Trevor and Tanya in 2012 at a couple’s retreat. We loved their passion for marriage and their heart to see other marriages thrive. Through the years we have gotten to know them and their kids. They are an awesome family on fire for the Lord. They have been an encouragement to us to want to have the best marriage possible. They have also been a positive influence on us to want to speak into other couple’s lives as well. Trevor and Tanya have a wealth of knowledge when it comes to FamilyLife resources and selflessly share that knowledge to anyone who asks. We are proud and blessed to know this family and look forward to what God has planned for them in the future. – Guy & Shelley Wolff, Neenah, WI 

Henry Blackaby’s classic, Discovering God, changed my view of ministry forever.  “Find out where God is working, and join Him there.”  God is active and engaged in the advancing of His Kingdom, and He asks us to come alongside what He is doing, as a father might ask his child to join him at work. This is clearly what was happening when Trevor and Tanya Kravick, already in step with Him, asked my husband, Tom, and me to consider facilitating Family Life’s new parenting study, The Art of Parenting.  We prayed about it and jumped into a wonderful plan already in motion.  Kravicks had arranged to have our small-town cinema open its doors on a Sunday night for a premier viewing of the movie, Like Arrows.  Several couples signed up that night for the 8-week, video-based study that started that next Wednesday.  Families who needed childcare found that their children easily joined in with our church’s bible clubs that also met on Wednesdays.  One of the dynamics of this opportunity was how diverse the group was that attended.  One couple was newly married and had no children yet.  Two couples each were raising 12 children.  The couples represented many denominations.  One couple was parenting but not married.  This couple was especially thirsty for what the study had to offer.  They eagerly asked questions and applied what they’d learned.  Then each week they’d come back so excited about how things had worked at home!  By the end of the study they did not want to quit.  Several of the couples asked for more.  We officially ended the Family Life study, which had met in the media room at our local high school, and continued for several more weeks in our home.  Throughout the 8-week course, I would come home just brimming with joy at how God was at work in the couples’ lives.  I told the Kravicks, who had done so much of the prep work, that I felt like they had eaten all the peas on their plates so that we could eat the dessert!  What a blessing it is to work with them alongside God and together to be a part of what He is doing in our town! – Tom & Sharon Duke

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